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Newcastle's finest hardwood timber flooring range

Designwood offers a large range of quality Australian Hardwood flooring in various profiles and grades. Our aim is to have a timber floor suitable for every project and budget, from the timeless and natural beauty of Spotted Gum and Ironbark, to the modern look of Black Bean or Red Tulip Oak from the Branch 95 range, or the more traditional Red Mahogany, Tallowwood or Blackbutt. 

Flooring Grades

The final look of a Solid Timber Floor, Timber Overlay floor or an engineered Floating Floor is dependent on the features of the selected Species and grade.  

During the manufacturing process all timber is graded according to Australian Standards into one of three grades, depending on the number of features that give the timber its unique character.

Timber is graded into three standard grades:

  • Feature Grade: contains a range of gum veins, knots, insect trails, and colour variations.
  • Standard Grade: a product that has a small number of natural features. It is more uniform in colour and grain. Generally very long lengths.
  • Select Grade: does not contain many natural features. It is carefully selected piece by piece.

Standard Sizes

  • 130 x 19mm Solid Timber
  • 80 x 19mm Solid Timber
  • 60 x 19mm Solid Timber

Solid Timber Flooring is designed for laying over joists, ply, particleboard & existing timber floors. This type of flooring is a solid hardwood timber flooring designed to be glued and nailed to joists, or particle board. with a 6mm wear layer so it can be re-sanded numerous times.

Timber Overlay

  • 130 x 13mm
  • 80 x 13mm

Overlay can be installed directly over existing timber floors, plywood, concrete or particleboard.

Installation Available

We offer installation services for your next hardwood floor. Contact us for more information.

We’re here to help!

Our friendly staff can help you choose the most suitable grade, width and thickness for your next project.

Our Popular Timber Flooring Options

Grand designs demand equally remarkable materials

Designwood proudly stocks and sells Australia’s best hardwood flooring range. We have access to dozens of mills across Australia, who provide us with a unique yet diverse range of timbers. From hardwood floors to solid timber floors, Designwood has the products to suit your every need. 

Branch 95 represents an exceptional range of native specialty timbers. Sustainably sourced from Far North Queensland, these premium timbers are harvested in accordance with environmental guidelines to ensure consistent, reliable supply. With unique origins, grain, character and colour, they’re as distinctive as they are beautiful. For architects, designers and builders, Branch 95 gives you the chance to work with materials like nothing else on earth. Whether you’re creating an iconic building, a high-end commercial fit-out, or a bespoke piece of furniture, the end result is bound to be remarkable.

Our Popular Branch95 Flooring Options

As dedicated flooring wholesaler, Designwood has a range of samples for you to view. From traditional Australian timber hardwoods, to engineered flooring, and to the exquisite Branch 95 range, we have high quality suppliers and service that is second to none to assist with your flooring requirement.

With an extensive range, we can customise our products to suit your needs and provide you with the very best solid timber or engineered flooring in Newcastle. Our range of Australian hardwood timber species has varying sizes and strip lengths. Our most popular solid strip flooring is 19mm and it features a pre-cut ‘tongue and groove’ design to ensure the boards are firmly connected together, with no gaps in your hardwood floor.

Designwood has the capability to supply hardwood flooring to accommodate any project budget. While maintaining quality assurance and appropriate budgeted costing, we aim to satisfy our customers with all aspects of their hardwood flooring solution, but particularly with both cost/budget, and quality assurance.

Featured Solid Timber Floors

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