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Recycled, Hardwood & Structural Timber Beams

Designwood is committed to providing our customers with recycled, Australian hardwood timber beams and posts. Sourced ethically, our recycled timber beams and posts offer bespoke and unique finishes. Whether you are an architect, builder, renovator or DIYer, explore Designwood today for all of your timber posts and beams needs. 

Designwood has a wide range of recycled feature posts available. We source our recycled timber from old buildings, railway sleepers and more. Our in house workshop can machine and manipulate your recycled timber beams and posts to your exact specifications. Whether you require structural timber beams, laminated timber beams, recycled timber feature posts or anything else – we have the supply chain and knowledge to deliver. 

Our hardwood timber beams are quality inspected to ensure they are up to the appropriate grade. No matter what job you are doing, know that Designwood has all of your timber beams and posts covered. 

Grand designs demand equally remarkable materials

Designwood proudly stocks and sells Australia’s best LVL, I-Beam and Laminated timber beam ranges. We have access to dozens of mills across Australia, who provide us with a unique yet diverse range of timbers.