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We are timber flooring specialists

With over 45 years involvement in the timber and building industry, we specialise in the commercial trade and distribution of a vast range of timber flooring products around Australia. 

Engineered Timber Flooring Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Hunter Valley

Engineered timber flooring can be the perfect final touch to your newly renovated home or commercial propertly. Whether inside or outside, complete the look with our large range of flooring and timber products that offers versatile solutions.

Why you should use engineered timber flooring

Wooden flooring looks excellent and makes a bold impact on visitors in your home and business. Many customers ask us, why should they use engineered flooring solutions instead of traditional solid wood floors?

Engineered flooring is easy to install and designed to give your flooring a greater lifespan. It does not need to be oiled and with the right maintenance and consideration, you can expect your flooring to last a lifetime. Despite in looks it may be similar to solid wood flooring, it gives greater strength and sturdiness – which is perfect for homes in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley.

Timber Flooring in Newcastle & Maitland

The usage of wooden that has been engineered still offers you a natural product, but it can resist the variations that we have in houses and companies, along with temperature modifications and moisture ranges. This indicates that engineered floors can deal with the temperature fluctuations in rooms like the kitchen and bathroom – nevertheless you can have the outstanding appearance which you get from strong wood floors.

At Designwood, our engineered flooring in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie create a sincere and appealing atmosphere. As timber is natural, every piece has natural variations and details, adding to its charm, character and the atmosphere of your home or business.

Flooring for your Residential or Commercial Property in Newcastle

When building a house or renovating your home, one of the biggest choices you have to make is the flooring that you will use. Flooring can change the look and ambience of the room. Designwood offers a huge range of the best timber flooring in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley, with one of the widest choices of colours, species and grades available in Australia. We deliver nationwide and can offer bespoke solutions for your property.

Why choose timber flooring by Designwood?

Timber flooring is a popular choice in Newcastle because it is built to last. Carpets may need changing after just a few years and they are able to suffer from unsightly carpet stains. Tiles, while long-lasting, can be unforgiving if something is dropped on them. Timber flooring provides an undying look that may be an exceptional addition for your property or enterprise. They add warmth to the room they’re established in. Spillages can be swept up on timber flooring and dust can be suppressed, as dirt and grime does not stick to the fibres.

Timber boards can also be easily replaced – we stock and sell timber that can match your existing boards should you have a broken timber board. We engineer our timber flooring to be durable and aesthetically pleasing. We use many layers to make your flooring strong and long lasting.

Our timber flooring range uses staining methods that can offer you a massive variety of colour choices from black to white and everything in between. We proudly work with designers and architects to ensure the products we have available are modern, contemporary and can bring your home or commercial space to the current styles. We have a huge showroom on the shores of Lake Macquarie where you can explore the Designwood difference.