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Create a stunning feature wall using Hardwood Timber Cladding!

Designwood offers a large range of quality Australian timber cladding options in various profiles and grades. Our aim is to have a timber cladding suitable for every project and budget. Whether you require interior cladding or exterior cladding for your home or business, Designwood can supply customised cladding to suit. This long lasting and durable surface is the perfect aesthetic touch to any home or business. 


woodLINE brings a modern contemporary style to an interior or undercover patio space and can be installed vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

The hidden tongue and groove joining system allows a quick and easy install with a line indicating where to nail. Not only does woodLINE look impressive, but it also provides a texture element in a selection of Australian hardwood timber species – Blackbutt, Brush Box, Grey Ironbark, Silvertop, Spotted Gum and Sydney Blue Gum.

woodLINE is reversible with a choice of profiles – Two Strip, Shadow Line or Open VJ. The profile Two Strip visually provides a multiple modern clean line option, with a one board installation. The popular Shadow Line profile presents with a sleek edged join, making a stylish statement throughout a home. Open VJ profile is a classic design, delivering a traditional look in a contemporary home.


barnWALL has a natural ashen patina, created by years of harsh weathering, which can be seen on each individual piece. This establishes a very unique industrial look that will transform the identity of a space, creating a raw modern atmosphere.

Including only the most individual naturally occurring and man-made features, barnWALL is a high feature product that complements any interior bringing a brutal rustic sawn look and feel.

Although barnWALL has a authentic aged appearance it has been dried, machined & manufactured to strict modern tolerances.


Not your everyday Oak, VineWALL is a product which holds a history tracing back to the cherished forests of France, where craftsmen carefully selected lumber to produce structure and flavour in the fermentation and aging process of the finest red wines.


hardWALL is a natural timber wall lining that offers a very unique industrial look that will transform the identity of a space, creating a raw modern atmosphere.