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Newcastle's best engineering hardwood timber flooring range

Designwood offers a large range of quality Australian Hardwood flooring in various profiles and grades. Our engineered timber floors are suitable for every project and budget. We stock the Hurfords and the Euroak Engineered Flooring range – which are both Australian manufacturers. 

Why should I choose engineered timber?

Engineered timber flooring is a natural layer of hardwood beneath several protective layers. Our engineered floors are coated to give both gorgeous finishes and the same look and feel as traditional floorboards. They provide superior stability as they do not fade, move around or warp. You do not need to sand or polish the floor immediately after installing it. Once engineered floors are installed, you can walk on them straight away!

Where can I put engineered flooring?

Engineered flooring is ideal for all areas of modern homes and commercial premises. It is a popular choice for living areas, including kitchens and dining rooms. It provides you with a beautiful look and feel which is perfect to enhance the aesthetics of your home. 

Designwood proudly sells Australian native engineered floors in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley. Consistent in quality and structural stability, Australian Native is constructed using a low shrinkage, ecofriendly Hevea core and a tough Australian hardwood lamella. 

Hurford’s Australian Native Engineered Hardwood Flooring is produced with the knowledge and experience of three generations of processing and drying Australia’s unique Eucalypts.

Our Popular Australian Native Engineered Timber Flooring Options

Elegant Oaks and Premiere Oak Ranges

Euroak Flooring® is an innovative Australian engineered wood flooring manufacturer. That produces pre-finished wood flooring includes: French and American oak flooring, salvaged and recycled timber.

Our distinctive bespoke products are proudly manufactured in Australia using state of the art finishes, which deliver hardwood floorboards of the highest calibre, fully able to accommodate the unique Australian lifestyle. 

Our Popular Euroak Engineered Timber Flooring Options

Featured Engineered Floors

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Featured Brands

The Best Engineered Timber Flooring Services in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie

Wooden flooring offers great adaptability in Hunter Valley homes and businesses. The sturdiness of timber makes it a great choice in premises around the area.

Timber Flooring in Newcastle & Lake Macquarie

Designwood proudly offers the best timber flooring that the Newcastle, Maitland and Hunter Valley region has to offer. We have over 30 years experience in supplying wooden products and timbers that transform spaces. We can supply you the best quality oak timber directly from the mill – sourced in an ethical and sustainable way.  

Why get your timber flooring from Designwood?

Our engineered timber flooring in Newcastle and Hunter Valley offers the same look as traditional wooden flooring, but with added strength and durability. Timber flooring holds a timeless look that is suitable in any setting, from a traditional home to one that is modern and minimalist.

We have a huge variety of Australian species, colours and grades to choose. Our Branch95 species help improve your living areas – making it a classic choice that will work in a variety of settings, furniture’s and appliances. We continually work with interior designers, local builders and architects to ensure we are offering a good range of timber colours that are bang on trend.